Current Opening


People don’t just bring their brains to work: they also bring their hearts and soul. They want to feel passionate about what they are doing.

We at EPS recognize this.

“Every individual has the potential to perform if he or she gets proper motivation, the right opportunity and the freedom to work. In the long run success is achieved when ordinary people perform extraordinarily.”

This is how we managed a successful business turnaround in EPS with and through each one of our employees.  And  not  only  our excellent  brand  of products,  our  people  provide  an  excellent  competitive advantage to us.



EPS is an equal opportunity employer. If you feel you have the fire in your belly to work for a diverse engineering organization like us and if you have the necessary qualification and/ or experience to fit a role, please get in touch with us by sending your CV to Do not forget to mention the functional responsibility and level that you are looking for.

Also watch this space from time to time for any specific or specialized opening that we may have.